Miss L is a single mother of around 23 years old who participated in last year’s training. Before joining ELD, she had started a business, but did not know how to get it to function properly.

After the ELD training, she had better business skills, and was determined to never give up. As she applied what she learned, her business grew tremendously! But at that time, she unfortunately got very sick.
She used everything she had to treat herself and survive. By God’s grace, she got healed. She lost everything, including her capital. When she started despairing, she remembered some places where she had saved money, and found very little money, which she used as capital.

Today, she is bouncing back, with a lot of energy and zeal to do much better than before. She says, “Now I can take care of my daughter and provide for her, I can pay my rent without hassle, and I can provide for myself. If it had not been the ELD training, I don’t think I would have been able to get off my bed and start again.”

It has not been easy but her determination is amazing. She dreams of being an important woman in Rwanda. “I know it will not be easy to reach that dream, I know it will take time, but regardless of how long and hard it gets, I am determined because I know I am the capital of my business. I will get there!”

She encouraged the participants with these words: “Today, these men are teaching you this and you find it difficult to apply, some of you think it is not even possible. But get out there, try something, you will see how it works. That is when you will have realized how valuable these lessons are and how blessed you have been to be part of them. I am telling you by experience, it works, just try it out.”