We implement a 3-phase strategy

ELD Entrepreneur Leadership Training Africa India

ELT (Entrepreneurial Leadership Training)

Together, with our local partner, we facilitate a one-week training. The product of this training is a simple, workable business plan that can be implemented in any village or town where the participant lives.

ELD (Entrepreneurial Leadership Development)

With the support of ELD project donors, we are able to provide start-up capital for viable business ideas that and are submitted to our local partner for review and endorsement. It is our intent that all funds flow through our partners, thus eliminating any idea that funds are coming in from outside sources. Our local partners provide the accountability for the loan repayment to be used for future business startups.

Train-the-Trainer (TtT)

The greatest success of ELD is when a participant becomes an implementer and then a trainer. There have been those who have attended our training and immediately go back to their villages to share with others what they have experienced. With our partners, we desire that future trainers are experienced in entrepreneurship and have the ability to take the TtT and multiply it to others.

To See Humankind Flourishing through Sustainable Enterprises, Business Certification Courses, Micro-Loan Programs and More. To inspire and empower individuals to Success

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development (ELD) Global exists to restore human flourishing through sustainable business development. This takes place through the Entrepreneurial Leadership Training (ELT) that inspires and empowers individuals and communities to pursue their passion by acting on their ideas.