As a result of the ELD training he received in July 2017, Xavier, who was already a farmer, providing some vegetables only for his family, began to dream in a new way. He was inspired to grow many more vegetables, so that he could market and sell them to his community. He found other successful farmers and began to ask many questions to learn new and better farming techniques.  He was renting the land so he knew he needed to maximize his space and production in order to be profitable.

He used to grow cabbage up to 1kg (2 pounds) and could sell them for 50 Rwandan francs. Today, he grows cabbage up to 2kg (4 pounds) and of higher quality, getting up to 10 times of the previous sells. He also grows tomatoes and three different varieties of eggplant, considering what the market is asking for.

In this training, Xavier shared with trainees the impact of the last training.  He said: “Most of you know me.  You are my neighbors, you live in my community, or some of you have done CARSA trainings with me.  If you see me now, I am totally different: how I think, how I work, even the way I dress.”

Xavier’s countenance had changed from the last time we saw him. There was a level of confidence, dignity and self-respect that was very evident in the way he spoke and carried himself.