The Need

Impoverished Countries with Large Populations in Extreme Poverty Benefit from Our Met

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The Tools

We implement a 3-phase strategy ELT (Entrepreneurial Leadership Training) Together, w

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The Work

To See Humankind Flourishing through Sustainable Enterprises, Business Certification

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From the seed of inspired hope to the fruitful harvest of a well-executed business endeavor, here are some examples of the changes ELD has made in the lives of our neighbors around the globe.

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Chickens Build Communities

Ramesh attended the ELD training in India and returned to his home cou…

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Chef Paul

In 2022, Paul attended the ELD training in Kenya and was hired to prep…

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From Addiction to Influencer

James was known as the “town drunk” and his wife and four kids wer…

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Tom The Tomato Man

Business has boomed for Tom after attending ELD training in Africa. He…

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Mentoring on the Move

Kiran, who mentors hundreds of village leaders throughout 11 states in…

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Brick Baker

After being inspired to do something with resources that were readily…

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